1 Week Car Insurance- Insure Your Vehicle for Short-term There are some things in life which are not negotiable and which have to be taken care of, if someone wants to be of the right side of the law. Take for instance, the issue of car insurance. If you thought that you can get by […]

What Is Wheel Alignment–Caster-Camber-Tow-In ? First for those who do not understand caster, camber, and tow-in let me explain. Caster is how the wheel is in relation to a vertical king pin or ball joints. It can be true vertical or -o- degree, positive, or negative. Example: the front wheel of a bicycle has positive […]

Cheap or tailored car mats

Cheap or Tailored Car Mats? Q: I’m looking for rubber car mats online to go in my VW Golf. The cheap standard car mats cost only ?5 but tailored car mats cost almost 10 times as much! I’m now slightly worried about getting the really cheap ones. What’s wrong with them? What’s so special about […]

3 Ways To Save Money At Police Seized Car Auctions Saving money at at police seized car auction isn’t all that hard. You just go to one in your area and bid on the car you want to buy… you save money by just going to one period. But did you know that there are […]