Water 4 gas review will enlighten you about the popularity and the authenticity of the concept. Water4gas is by far regarded as the best concept which has paved the way of water being used as a substitute fuel. The magic of this idea have attracted plenty of people across the world. At such a critical […]

What to expect at a car auction

What to Expect at a Car Auction If you’ve never been to a car auction before, you might not know what to expect. But don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you from getting a great deal at you local car auction. Usually the car auction site will open 2-3 hours before the beginning […]

How to Cope With Driving In Adverse Conditions Floods A number of areas in the UK have been in the news in recent years due to flooding, the area most recently affected was Cumbria where roads and even homes were flooded. Driving in the flooded areas is advised against as water can get into your […]

The hit and run car park

The Hit and Run Car Park Car parks on a busy day are hell. We circle the rows like sharks, and become cut throat as soon as we see that car reverse out of a space. We have to get there before the person heading towards us! It’s a car on car onslaught, and we […]