Auto body repair and the economy

Auto Body Repair and the Economy Let’s face it, fuel prices are high, food costs are high, your neighbor is loosing their home. Times are not the best. What could be worse? Maybe an auto accident? Your car has sustained $1500.00 in damage; your insurance company pays you less a deductible. You schedule your vehicle […]

Tata Group Is India’s Largest Business Group There can be many big organizations in the world but there can be only one Tata group; a group that is unparalleled and stands as tall as the Mount Everest. Tata Group indeed leads with trust.Description:The word Tata is equivalent to excellence, innovation, leadership and community service. Tata […]

Put Water In My Car – Are You In Outer Space? Just the idea of running your car on water is such a foreign concept that you’d think it would have to be some type of alien technology. I remember hearing a group of girls back in High School talking about pouring salt water or […]

A look at concept cars

A Look at Concept Cars A concept car has many roles to play in the automotive industry. Concept cars can be used by manufacturers to estimate the public opinion of a new model or even an entire design philosophy. Concept cars are also used as experimental design projects called styling exercises. Concept cars do not […]