What are the basic checks and routine maintenance that your car should go through and how frequently? In order to keep the car in a worthy driving condition, basic checks and routine maintenance should be done to the car. Basic checks normally done on daily and weekly basis, quick service which needs to be done […]

Should you opt for premium gas

Should You Opt for Premium Gas? When you pull up to the pump, you probably see two, perhaps three grades of gasoline.Regular gas is generally 87 octane, plus or the middle grade is 89 octane, while premium gas is usually 91 octane or higher. The higher the octane, the better your car will run. At […]

What To Know Before Going For Car Repair At Your Auto Service Here are some tips on what every vehicle owner has to keep in mind before going to an auto service center for car repair, whether it be for auto AC repair, brakes repair, transmission repair or engine repair. One of the first things […]

1979-93 Mustang Outer Door Handle & Inner Door Belt Weatherstripping Install I currently have an 87 coupe in the middle of a 351 swap, so while its down and waiting on a few parts to come in I decided it’s finally time to replace the door handles ( 1979-93 Mustang outer door handle kit – […]