Buy Cheap Quality Cars and Save Thousand Did you know that you can buy cars that are up to 90% off book value? Yes it is true. It is exactly like homes being bank-owned. More and more cars are being bank-owned now, too because their owners cannot pay their credit bills, so consequently the bank […]

Contract hire, the environment and cost cutting In the last two budgets there has been a focus on the environment and this year was no different with company car drivers continuing to be affected by reduced tax thresholds and the introduction of the ‘showroom tax’, which are being deployed to encourage lower CO2 emissions. There […]

How to sell your car on ebay

Have you ever used the services of eBay to sell your second hand household items. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? There are many hungry buyers always looking for good deals online. The basic of selling on eBay is: 1. Provide the best description of the product 2. Taking and displaying the most attractive colored pictures […]

Should You Buy a Used Car Extended Warranty? An extended warranty simply put is a written policy that provides coverage protection to the used car for mechanical problems, failures, breakdowns and so on, and is designed to save the car owner money from car repairs and is like a security blanket for people. A used car […]