Hydrogen generator kit for car can be better than gasoline or oil additives to raise gas mileage. When you make or do it on your own, you can save money on gas but will save lots of dollars on the kit and reproduce the system for other automobiles on your own. There are other advantages […]

Safe driving whatever the weather

Safe Driving, Whatever the Weather Safe driving is important for not only your own safety but the other road users and pedestrians. We take lessons and a driving test to make sure that our driving skills are up to scratch and we don’t develop bad habits. The number one rule of driving is often put […]

Chrome rims

Chrome Rims Are you are an ardent automobile lover and want to make your car or bike stand out in the crowd amongst other cars and bikes? If yes, then simply adding chrome rims to your chrome wheel will serve your purpose. Chrome rims add a dash of style to the chrome wheels and beautify […]

A simple car cleaning guide

A Simple Car Cleaning Guide “It looks like new! but keeping your car looking like the latest model is tough, even with today’s longer-lasting finishes. Some car owners think rainwater is the only enemy to their car, but bird droppings, bugs, atmospheric pollution and road salt can also ruin the beauty of your car. However, […]