How to stop dependence on foreign oil

How to Stop Dependence on Foreign Oil

Every other day we hear about a new record high gas price.  Just recently the national average hit the $4 mark.  Some areas are lower and other areas are higher.  The news for the future doesn’t look promising for prices.  Some are predicting we will hit the $5 or $6 mark.

The oil companies offer explanations that cover a wide range of excuses.  They have blamed high prices on the fact that they can’t keep up with demand since no new refineries have been built in 25 years.  The next month the problem is with nations such as China and Russia requiring more oil for their industrial expansions.  Then the problem lays with the ever increasing prices for oil on the commodities market, even though the actual price of a barrel is much cheaper.  Next the problem is increased seasonal demand.  The excuses are endless.  Yet the oil companies continue to post record profits in the multi-billions.

The complexity of the problem seems enormous.  Tackling the problems is daunting indeed: the rich getting rich on commodities speculation, oil companies raising prices beyond a reasonable profit because they simply can, building new refineries with environmentalists crying wolf, and countries such as China stockpiling reserves.  Congress is ill informed and politically unable to come to a solution.  They need our votes to get re-elected, but they want the fortunes they receive for letting the problem continue.

I have a solution.  At first people say, ‘Yeah right! That would be nice”.  I can understand their skepticism.  We are just not taught to think for ourselves and believe the easy solution.  The rich want to get richer and they want us to believe we are stuck in homage to them.

When the internal combustion engine was originally developed it was supposed to run our cars on hydrogen – freely available in the air and water around us.  Gas wasn’t available to us on every other street corner.  The problem was that hydrogen gas is explosive and we couldn’t figure out a safe way to store hydrogen in our vehicles.  So, with American ingenuity we started developing gas as a readily available source for fuel.  Eventually we exceeded our own resources by our demand.  In doing so we have made many men wealthy and funded the very terrorists we now fight.

OK.  The solution: use hydrogen to fuel our vehicles.  How, you ask.  The car companies have been working on this for years.  They say we are years off from developing the technology.  It is true that we are years from safely running a vehicle 100% on hydrogen.  But, what if I told you any car or truck could safely and easily be converted to run on hydrogen and gas, or hydrogen and diesel, or hydrogen and bio-fuel for less than $300.  For many people that is the excess they pay for gas in a month.  I used to be a courier and spent $600 a month on gas when prices were $2.

I converted my vehicle to run on hydrogen and gas.  I went from 15 mpg driving in the city to more than 30 mpg city driving.  I’m been thinking of taking a long trip to see how much my mileage improves on the highway.  The truck has more noticeable power, runs quietly, and has an overall improved performance.

It doesn’t take special tanks or modifications to the engine.  In fact, after buying a book with the instructions to convert for $97, my conversion took less than $60 and about an hour.  It was relatively easy, especially considering I am by no means mechanically inclined when it comes to engines.  Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it.

Why don’t the car companies offer this simple technology that has been around for as long as my grandparents have lived?  The only answer I can think of is money – they want you to buy expensive new hybrid vehicles.  Can you imagine if most Americans caught on and converted their vehicles?  Gas prices would fall drastically as demand for gas fell.

It is so easy and yet so many are skeptical because it is so easy.  It will not void car warranties because you don’t modify the mechanics of the vehicle.  It is totally reversible, but why you would want to is beyond me.  It is safe, cheap and produces totally green emissions – no pollution – the exhaust is water.  It cleans your engine, gives more power and costs about $0.31 a month for hydrogen fuel.

There are 1000’s of people who have done the conversion, some for a number of years.  I am now trying to get the financing to offer the conversions from a shop location.  In the meantime I convert an average of 3 cars a day from my home, charging $300 each (at least until the homeowners association shuts me down).  My brother finally decided to try it out and will be converting a truck in Arkansas that he needs to drive to Nevada, pulling a trailer.

By the way, the inexpensive fuel I use – water.  That’s right – totally safe, inexpensive, readily available, non-flammable water.  I use less than 2 quarts per month.  A pint should get you a couple of hundred miles.

This is by far the easiest, safest method for the average person to take control and cheaply stop our dependence on foreign oil.

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