How to Navigate in Australia with Your Car GPS A little learning is a dangerous thing. THIS saying couldn’t be more fit to the learning of GPS, which sometimes is a little like learning a brand new way to drive. With your car GPS, you don’t have to stash in your glove compartment three different […]

Black attack

A twenty year study has been released this week stating that black cars are forty seven percent more likely to be involved in crashes, with the statistics not lying in who is driving the car, but more the fact that a black car has much poorer visibility than others. White, gold and yellow cars on […]

Enjoying an auto mover show

Enjoying An Auto Mover Show Do you know that auto movers also have their own show? Yes, it is not only the cars, but the auto movers have their own gig as well. In a single setting, you can see some of the most amazing inventions and innovations of humans in the form of an […]

Clear Nibbed Floor Mats: For Transparent And Elegant Look Inside Your Car Nobody likes dirty and ugly look inside your car. Though the car floors have to deal with a lot of exploitation, floor boards are most neglected areas inside your car that result in torn and ugly car floors. Getting the quality floor mats […]