Driving through the snow

Driving Through The Snow With the chaos that the snow has caused in recent months many people have found it extremely difficult to make their usual journey into work. Some people have been able to take the day off or work from home and whilst everyone is being urged to avoid driving where possible this […]

Drag radials for drag racing

Drag Radials for Drag Racing There comes a time when most people get the urge to take their muscle car to the drag strip to see what she will do in a quarter mile run. Drag racing can be an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy your car. It can also get quite competitive, especially […]

Whats in a name

What's in a Name? There are millions of cars on Britain’s roads, so it comes as no surprise that there are thousands of claims each year when accidents occur. But did you know that car insurance companies look at your surname, amongst lots of other things, to establish how safe a driver you are, and […]

Depreciation american vs foreign

Depreciation: American vs. Foreign There is no secret that when you purchase a vehicle, it is one of the worst investments a consumer can make. Within five years of ownership, a brand new vehicle can depreciate to 65% less than the original selling price. Despite these numbers, it is nearly inevitable for people to actually […]