If you haven’t heard the term ‘rev matching’ before here’s a brief summary of what it is and why it’s useful when driving. Essentially, it’s a technique used in manual transmission vehicles to smooth downshifts and is the first step towards learning ‘heel and toe shifting’. But why are smooth shifts important I hear you […]

Protect Your Car With a Parking Sensor Backing up from your driveway or from a crowded parking lot can be very difficult. As a matter of fact, there are instances, wherein the reversing vehicle rams into another incoming car. If you want to protect yourself and your car from accidents, you need to install your […]

Can You Really Have a Water Powered Car Many people are looking to ethanol as an alternative solution to running their car. However, this does not seem to be a great idea since it will may put a food supply crunch. The most fuel-efficient cars available today are the hybrids which are quite expensive and […]

Introduction Apart from the common sense safety practices which go without saying, there is always one rule to doing it yourself. “Patience”.  It takes time and patients to be a DIY person. Without this, you will run into all sorts of difficulty, make mistakes, panic, become angry and put yourself and others into very real […]