Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers: The Promise For A Lifetime Protection Molded Carpet dash covers are considered very tough. Made of polyester poly-carpet material, the custom made dash covers are prepared through special thermal process. The hi-tech manufacturing process enables these quality products fit perfectly.The shape and design of dashboard covers differ for different makes and […]

Is bumper repair a good idea

Is Bumper Repair A Good Idea? Fundamentally, you have 3 basic options: do nothing, replace it, and bumper repair.  Here is a quick look at what each of these options has to offer. Do Nothing If your bumper is damaged, the obvious benefit of doing nothing, is that you don’t have to pay for any […]

Stop Wildlife Collisions In Their Tracks From St. John’s to Victoria, Canada is certainly known for its unique and picturesque landscapes. We are one of a handful of countries where people and wild animals live side by side, usually quite peacefully. However, when those people are behind the wheel of a car, that relationship gets […]

Run your car on water hoax

I receive countless emails every week from people asking me this question: is it possible to run your car on water, or is it a complete hoax. In a way I am not totally surprised – I was very skeptical when I first invested in a run your car on water system. With oil prices […]