Should you opt for premium gas

Should You Opt for Premium Gas? When you pull up to the pump, you probably see two, perhaps three grades of gasoline.Regular gas is generally 87 octane, plus or the middle grade is 89 octane, while premium gas is usually 91 octane or higher. The higher the octane, the better your car will run. At […]

How Do &”advertise on Your Car&” Programs Work How to get paid for placing ads on your car? You may wonder whether getting paid for advertising on your car programs are real deal or not? However, there are companies which actually provide these programs. In addition, many people all over the world are participating into […]

Importance of Ferrari Performance Chips Ferrari is famous for its sports based cars; it is always used in competitions by the persons who love sports and riding sports cars, the manufacturers of Ferrari are based in Italy. The founder of Ferrari was Enzo Ferrari on whose name this car was announced. In the era of […]

Donate car to charity

Donate Car To Charity The first thing you would like to do is a pick a charity that you would like to receive your car donation. Call the charity yourself, make sure the charity benefits a mission you would like to donate to. Ask that charity what percentage of their proceeds go directly to fund […]