Digital hid kits

Digital Hid Kits If you own a nice car and still you think that there is something missing in it and you can add  in something that will give it a whole new look, some thing which should be an overall performance booster, so my friend it’s the time you opt for a Digital HID […]

Frp car wash

HZ109 battery washing machine 966.24US dollars                         Features  the latest self-power (Panasonic battery power) washing machine, compact, mobile convenience and wide applicability. Battery can also lead special waxing machine, vacuum cleaner, tire inflation pump, ozone disinfection machines and other equipment to carry out door car wash, mobile car beauty services;  ultra-small flow rate, maximum savings of washing […]

An Introduction to How Cold Air Intakes Work There are two basic types of air intakes available on the market: short ram and cold air tubes. Both these types are designed to address some specific needs of cars as well as to gain some generic advantages. Cold air tubes are more commonly employed because of […]

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (phevs) – Save Up to 80% on Fuel Costs electric vehicle (also called PHEV) is a car that has batteries that can be recharged through a conventional outlet. PHEVs have both traditional internal combustion engines and batteries that can fully power the car by themselves. The advantage of PHEVs is […]