Engine Automotive Friction difficulty – Oil Additive

Many in the automotive industry, engine were already skeptical. We have heard all the promises to reduce friction, longer engine and fuel economy. On many occasions, these are to be no solutions up to the hype. With over thirty years in the field, I was skeptical Complete with dozens of oil Additives of experience under my belt.
However, a contractor experienced in the field of “mixed” heavy weight industrial solutions has drawn on its expertise to create a secure environment, reducing friction, motor oil, to resolve a problem of oil Additives able to overcome.
Now, if the problem is really solved, the advantages are obvious:
– Less friction means of protecting the engine car
– Means less heat from the engine friction is reduced automobile
– Life of the engine, an engine thrust of the automotive performance
– Less friction heat produces a lower cost of car engine
– Less friction, heat has also led directly to increases in automobile fuel economy
Motor oil as a lubricant, works, but it is not always enough. When it is hot, the engine oil breaks down, vaporizes and burns. The oil industry has been quite innovative in using Additives in the fight against this process. The problem with all these Additives (except clog oil passages and toxicity) is that they are suspended in oil.
But, you say, this is the way to get the Additives for hot spots in need of protection from friction. You must suspend the oil in the oil if it is carried by the engine parts in need of protection.
And who was the director of the assumption of the oil industry throughout the addendum. Suspend the motor oil, oil, and it is brought to the friction of the hot spots.
The problem is oil Additives are not permanently adhering to the points of internal tension of the engine. It is assumed in all technical approaches motor oil that the oil will carry its oil at high tension points of the engine. This is where the lubricating properties are required.
In this case also raises the problem necessary.
Additives cannot work in any case you find yourself with “metal on metal”, because there is not enough oil present. He was forced out or burned. Put bluntly, an additive that can only be when the engine oil is present.
Remember, if oil additive based on engineering is an addendum to the suspension in the engine oil to do its job, then engineering is also grappling with the boundaries of the properties of the oil to resist heat and pressure.
Note. The additive must be capable of withstanding heat and pressure to a greater degree than oil or “Why bother to add?”
3. Solution: What to do if an oil additive begins to occur when the temperature and stress where the oil can not normally?
The solution is an additive already industry needs concerning the meeting of the friction and heat buildup.
Adopted by the engine oil, these are points of friction …
– Motor cycles against the cylinder wall
the valve guides
-oil pump
Here he did something no other additive was never able to accomplish. This oil dissociated (molecular) of the oil and literally adheres to metal, sticking point, leaving a soft metal carboxyl ate film that can outperform the engine oil as a lubricant in a high friction / heat application ( as shown in photos / test results on the reference site below).
Remember what is happening inside the engine when the fuel ignites at the top of the compression and the piston moves down the cylinder. Ago, most of the oil on the cylinder wall is burnt.
But, the additive does not burn up as the engine oil carrying it. It is molecularly widgets in the pores of the cylinder wall.
So, in summary: since you get rid of friction, then you get rid of the heat generated from it. This means that the oil lasts longer. It is not contaminated as soon as these high points of friction are sufficiently lubricated. Properly lubricated, they cease to be a point of friction high, which costs more; the oil passes through the points without burning creates harmful acids and sludge.
The most important of your engine may last longer, more efficiently, and the fuel that was used to overcome friction can now be used to move on the road to where you need to go.

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